The Brand


My name is Mathilde and I am the designer of Némée. I am in love with everyday life poetry and I am a sensitive one. As far as I can remember, I've awlays loved fashion and jewelry. As a little girl, I used to bury my head in my mother's silk scarves and dresses, I used to watch her with big eyes, every mornig, putting her golden earrings on. Earrings she brought back with her from the French Caribean islands. 

Like all her creole jewels coming from her mother and grand-mother, they were contained in a small blue wooden box. For me, it was the treasure box, I am still so moved when I open it today and wear these jewels. An intimate bound suddenly appears through time, between me and the women of my family. This is this bound, this feminine passing which motivates me to create jewelry today. Engraving our dreams, our precious moments, our stories in some jewels and conveying them as a talisman to tell our secrets. 

I have always believed in the power of beauty as well. So I studied history of art and worked at the Louvre. I am endlessly moved by a pearl's beauty, by the softness of an emotion on a painting, by the delicate shine of a garnet. I let my intuition and this longing for beauty guide me in the creation of every jewel.


Némée is the name of a nymph and more precisely the one from a spring named after her in Greece. Nymphs are goddesses of Nature, of the creative strength of the Earth and they live among the natural elements. This bound with nature's beauty, this sorority always inspired me. Why Némée among all the nymphs ? Well, because she also is the daughter of Sélénée, the Moon's goddess. And the Moon has always been a celestial haven for me. 


It was so natural for me to craft jewelry with gold. This metal's meaning has always been of a great importance to me. Did you know that gold comes from supernovas which crashed on Earth at the very begining ? Fragments of stars. To wear gold is like to wear a star on your heart. 


The jewels are made of gilded brass with 24k gold. They are adorned with freshwater pearls and fine gemstones picked up both for their beauty and virtues. 


The pieces are handmade in France. I draw and work from prints then the elements gilded with 24K gold are forged in Paris, in a manufacture existing since the 19th century. All the adornments (gemstones, chains and freshwater pearls) are then made by myself according to my drawings.