My name is Mathilde and I am the founder of Némée [neh-meh]. I am in love with daily poetry and a sensitive person. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved fashion and jewelry. As a little girl I would spend hours in the beautiful silky scraves and colorful dresses of my mom, I would watch her every morning, with bright eyes, put her golden earrings on. 

My studies in history of art did not lead me to launch my own brand in this field, yet... It's along the way that I realized that my path to happiness and fulfillment was in entrepreneurship.  A real choice to tell the stories that matter to me and can serve women's beauty.

I have this sincere wish to help women feel beautiful. A jewel has this power to tell one's skin, face and hues in the glance beauty. It was my deepest desire to do so in a conscious way. Everything is made in France, by myself and with the help of a French manufacture wich produces everything in Paris since 1840. 

I am endlessly moved by the beauty of a pearl, by the softness of silk, by the delicate glow of a grenate gemstone. I let my intuition and this desire of beauty guide me in the creation of each piece.

I do everything myself, from drawing the designs, to the krafting of the jewels, from taking the pictures to the communication and the shipping. I grow, I learn and I keep feeling the marvel of it all. Thank you for your support.


Némée [neh-meh] tells stories through every jewel. I find inspiration in my studies in history of art, in my forever passion for Antiquity.

The jewels are 1 micron goldplated with 24k gold and adorned with gemstones selected both for their beauty and virtues. The treatment for the gold process of the elements is eco-conscious certified and it's my deep wish to extand this ethical approach to all the elements composing my jewelry.

The jewels are all handmade in France.